The 4 Common Types Of Dental Implants In Miami, FL

The 4 Common Types Of Dental Implants In Miami, FL

For patients looking to replace missing teeth in locations such as Miami, FL, Dental implants are becoming a more popular option. Although the procedure of getting dental implants may look or sound scary to some patients at first, this treatment is regarded as the best way possible to get your teeth fixed and improve your oral health.

If you are looking to get permanent dental implants, then your search ends here, Sher Dental is the leading dental clinic offering the best dental implants in Miami. We feature professional dentists and the latest equipment to handle the treatment in the right way that offers successful results. That being said, as it is a big decision to get dental implants, patients have to be sure about the type of implants that are best for them. We understand that getting dental implants involve many options to consider. So, to help you understand, in this blog, we share the four common types of dental implants in Miami, FL.

Two-Stage Dental Implants

Two-stage dental implants are some of the common types that require surgery to install them into the jaw bone. After the first surgery, the mouth is left for a few months to heal, then the patient will be required to go back in for another minor surgery. During the minor surgery, the implant will be exposed and attached to the dental implant abutment and temporary crown or restoration.

Single-Stage Dental Implants

Another common type is single-stage dental implants that involve installing a longer implant into the jaw and gum to expose the top of the implant. This helps the dentists to access the inside part of the mouth, after the healing process, they will install the abutment and restoration right onto the implant. During this step, there is no surgical exposure of the dental implant again.

Subperiosteal Dental Implants

Subperiosteal implants are not so popular, but they are regarded as the best option for patients who suffer from less natural jawbones to support endosteal implants. This dental implant option is installed both under the gums or above the jawbone. Also, the implants are not surgically inserted into the jawbone.

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At Sher Dental, we make sure that our patients come in for an appointment so that we can carefully examine their mouths and determine the right dental implant procedure plan for their situation. Over the past years, our professional team has handled hundreds of dental implants over the time that we have been serving residents of Miami, FL. our dentists are ready to assist you to make the best decision to have the smile you are looking for.

If you have any questions about the best dental implants in Miami or if you are looking to schedule a free consultation, please call our team at 305-891-2444 or book an appointment by visiting Zocdoc. Our professional team will provide you with the best dental implant treatment possible.




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