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If you feel self conscious about your smile due to your misaligned teeth and often try to hide your face while smiling, then Invisalign is the right treatment for you. The benefit of this treatment is that it can straighten your teeth with the need of wearing those highly uncomfortable dental braces. The treatment is usually shorter than the time taken by those traditional braces. Since your teeth will be properly aligned it will become easier to clean your mouth.


We offer Invisalign treatment under our expert dentist groups and have made several successes. This is an orthodontic treatment that aims to perfect your teeth and smile without braces with the help of our dentists. You can enjoy comfortable aligners together with a short treatment plan to have successful completion of the process.


What we will give you is an overall cosmetic makeover, whereby you can choose our Invisalign clear braces with other cosmetic dentistry options.


Multiple Benefits of Invisalign

Under the process, we use a customized series of clear plastic aligners for gradual alignment of your teeth. It is beneficial compared to other dental treatments because


  • They are invisible and people will not know about your treatment
  • They can be removed when you need to brush and floss and eat on special occasions
  • As it is made in soft plastic, it will not create any irritation inside of your mouth
  • It gives faster results


We maintain an outcome stimulator through which we measure the progress of our Invisalign treatment.


What Will Happen During the Treatment?

We first take the correct impressions of the inside of your mouth and enable you to have a unique Invisalign created for you. To examine your current dental condition, we will use our advanced modern dental technology which includes digital X-rays, intraoral cameras and digital imaging facilities.


Once the treatment begins, you will require changing your dental trays in two weeks interval. They will slowly move your teeth into its correct position. The overall treatment time and the number of aligners you will wear will depend on the unique condition of your teeth.


A standard rule here is that you need to wear your Invisalign regularly for a minimum of 22 hours. You can remove them at the time of eating your food and brushing your teeth. Moreover, you can give them a break during special occasions like weddings to go back to your original natural look.


Our treatment is Designed on the Basis of Individual Dental Condition

Our Invisalign treatment is tailor-made and you can expect a great result at the end of the treatment. They are simple to wear and almost unrecognizable for others. We create a model of your teeth and further work on it to design our customized treatment plan. We allow you to see a visual of your teeth even before installing it.


Do you know apart from correcting the shape and size of your teeth, Invisalign also prevents the chances of tooth decay and the formation of plaque during orthodontic treatment?


Proudly flaunt a healthy and beautiful smile with our Invisalign treatment. We are committed to giving you affordable and quality dental treatment for your requirement.


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