A dental problem does not knock the door before coming. Neither had it differentiated between the kids and the aged. As and when a person is suffering from a dental problem, it has to be treated immediately before the situation gets worse. Emergency dental services...

Parents need to understand the importance of dental health and pass the same to the children. Healthy kid’s teeth lead to healthy adult teeth. Poor dental health compromises a child’s ability to eat well, sleep well, and function well at school and home. Tooth decay...

Dr. Sher, who is one of the renowned dentists in Florida. There is no doubt in her knowledge and intellectuals regarding various advanced and latest dentistry treatments. Dr. Sher, this time, contributed to the 2019 Annual South Florida Fundraiser event or simply known as Star...

Sound dental health is very important for an individual but the busy schedule is often responsible for the negligence of the people that do not let people book an appointment with a dentist and get their regular dental checkup done. A routine dental checkup plays...

Emergency is a condition which demands immediate treatment! No matter you are on a holiday or are working hard in your office, emergency can arise anytime, anywhere. Whenever you encounter a dental issue, your dentist should be your first call. It is important to understand...

Dental issues can happen anytime, and it can turn into a nightmare if happened during nights. At that point what strikes one’s mind? To visit the one that offers emergency services! The pain of a broken toothache may leave everyone asking, “How to discover a...

Nothing is better than a beautiful and healthy smile! So protect it by proper dental care. Most of the people, because of having a busy work schedule, unable to take care of their dentures and hence, the teeth look stained yellow. It inversely affects your...


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