Sedation Dentistry Service in Miami

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Are you afraid of paying a visit to the dentist? While a majority of individuals out there tend to suffer from major dental problems, a wide number of sufferers out there avoid visiting the local dental clinics due to the overall fear of going through the pain or discomfort of dental treatments. To help you overcome this fear and discomfort, Sher Dental presents its lucrative range of sedation dentistry services in Miami. We provide top-class dental care services with sedation for adults and children having additional requirements or facing dental anxiety. We provide specialized sedation services only to the referred patients who would meet our acceptance criteria. We also take into consideration the patients who we care for a longer period within our dental service range.

Our Feat in Sedation Dentistry Services

Sher Dental is known for providing a professional range of sedation dentistry services to the clients in Miami for their overall ease and comfort.

  • Inhalation Sedation: Also referred to as the happy air sedation, the process makes use of N2O along with oxygen that is breathed into the patients with the help of a nasal apparatus. Inhalation sedation provides ultimate relaxation as you are able to go through the treatment effectively. Once the treatment is complete, even the recovery is also quick. Inhalation sedation is great for children.


  • Intravenous Sedation: It is usually given through an injection –typically on the arm or hand. The drug is known to make the patients feel sufficiently relaxed. However, the patient would remain conscious and can respond well to the respective verbal commands of the dental specialist. At the end of the dental care session, the patient can recover well with some care and attendance.


  • Oral or Intranasal Sedation: It is usually reserved for patients with special requirements or children that might require sedation before being treated with a general anesthetic.


Dental sedation is a safe and effective method both for calming the patients having dental anxiety and relaxing those who are dealing with complex dental treatments. However, it is important to ensure the right sedation treatment depending on your unique needs. When you visit us, we start with discussing your specific sedation requirements and options that can help you feel relaxed during the dentistry treatment. As one of the leading dental clinics in Miami, Sher Dental is licensed to provide the safest sedation dentistry services.