4 Common Types of Emergency Dental Services

4 Common Types of Emergency Dental Services

Dental emergencies mean dental issues or conditions that require a patient to seek instant treatment or an immediate temporary aid. This is done to prevent the problem from getting bigger as waiting for a few hours for the dentist to examine the issue and provide treatment can lead to complications. While some people know how to prevent these conditions by good dental care to preserve oral health, knowing the types and what to do when dental emergency strikes can help you prevent further damage.

However, with many dentists in locations such as North Miami, it is important to choose a reputable dental clinic that offers affordable emergency dental services at any given time. Sher Dental is one of the leading clinics with experienced dentists in North Miami, with years of experience treating different types of dental emergencies. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we present four common types of emergency dental services.

1. Fractured Teeth

Our teeth can get chipped or break when they accidentally bump into something hard. This condition is referred to as fractured teeth and the good thing is your dentist can still treat it, just contact him immediately after the accident. Remember to bring the pieces of your broken tooth or teeth with you when visiting the dentist so as to have the chance to keep your natural teeth intact and avoid getting a bridge procedure.

2. Lost Filling

While a tooth with fillings can chew for years, it cannot last forever as it becomes loose over time. This is because the filling can fall out and when this happens the tooth becomes very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures and you will have some pressure while you eat. In the case of losing a dental filling and experiencing severe pain, contact Sher Dental emergency dental team to prevent more damage that can result in an infection later.

3. Excruciating Pain

While a toothache can become very painful at times, a lot of people turn to painkillers and ignore the issue. In normal circumstances, it is advised to immediately consult with your dentist as he can relieve you of the pain and also identify its exact cause. This is because the toothache could be associated with a medical problem that involves the ears or nasal tissues. While painkillers offer temporary relief, a proper diagnosis from Sher Dental will help you have the proper treatment and avoid further complications.

4. Infections

Most people ignore some small oral problems because they think that they can cope with the pain. The truth is these problems can result in bigger issues that will require emergency dental services. Oral problems such as the formation of pus on the gums can be a sign of infection, it may affect deep in the gum tissue resulting in loss of teeth and other problems. Whenever you experience such problems immediately consult with your dentist to have the area examined and have the infection treated.

Summing Up

While some dental problems can wait for a day or even a week to be treated, the above-listed common types will require emergency dental services to save you from pain and losing your teeth. Contact Sher Dental for professional and experienced dentist services in North Miami and surrounding areas. Simply call 305-891-2444 or email us at sherdental1@gmail.com for more information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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