How To Protect Your Teeth And Keep Your Smile Beautiful

How To Protect Your Teeth And Keep Your Smile Beautiful

Nothing is better than a beautiful and healthy smile! So protect it by proper dental care. Most of the people, because of having a busy work schedule, unable to take care of their dentures and hence, the teeth look stained yellow. It inversely affects your facial appearance publicly. So, for them, tooth whitening is the best option. Here in this blog, we will discuss the effectiveness of teeth whitening and how the dentists hold it.

Reasons for Changing Teeth Color

Before elaborating about the teeth whitening process, let us discuss the significant causes of discoloration of the teeth. There are several reasons for which the color of the teeth changes and your teeth starts looking dirty and unhygienic enough. Here we are explaining some of the most common reasons associated with this color changing of the tooth:

Food and Drink

You often heard or asked to brush your tooth after eating food. Do you know why? This is because of drinks like tea, coffee, wine and other food which are consumed by the people almost regularly. But they are the major staining culprits as they cause harmful effects to the enamel.

Man with sensitive teeth

Usage of Tobacco

Almost every tobacco contains tar and Nicotine, and both of them create stubborn stains to the teeth. How? Tar is dark by nature, and on the other hand, Nicotine is colorless. When they come in the contact of oxygen (presented in the human body), they turn the teeth to become yellowish.


Yes, age is also a matter that makes changes in the color of the teeth. Below the enamel (hard white outer shell of the teeth) there is dentin (the softer area around the teeth), and when a person reaches the maximum age, the enamel layer gets thinner. It becomes even more difficult to brush the teeth and slowly the yellowish dentin gets more visible and thereby changes the color of the teeth.


Trauma or hitting in the mouth may also cause the changing of the color of the teeth. The injury that laid down in the dentin creates a darker layer under the enamel and affects the original color of the teeth.


Because of some of the medication effects also cause the changing of the teeth color. The side effects of some antipsychotics, antihistamines, and medicines of high blood pressure are the most vulnerable reasons for causing harm to the teeth. People who are more exposed to antibiotics may also cause discoloration of the teeth after a certain period. Head and neck or Chemotherapy radiations cause the darkening of the teeth.

What is Teeth Whitening and How it Works?

Tooth whitening is a process that involves the lightening of the color of the tooth either by removing or controlling extrinsic stains or by changing the intrinsic color. It also requires bleaching which is the chemical degradation of the chromogens that prevail within the tooth.

It is a smart lifestyle choice to keep the face look younger, even partially. As it is applied without needles or anything like that, it is very easy to maintain the whitening of the teeth without any additional burden.

teeth whitening miami

Processes Involved in it

Teeth whitening undergoes with very simple procedures at the dentistry. But the after effects make you love your teeth for sure. Here we are explaining how the process is taken place at our premises.

Step 1: Consultation: At first you have to take an appointment for an introductory session of consultation. Here our dentists and hygienist will explain the precautions you have to go through before proceeding towards the whitening process. These precautions include using whitening toothpaste, keeping it clean enough to get the process correctly, etc. They also check whether your teeth are suitable for the process or not.

Step 2: Appointment: After the period of the precautionary process gets completed, you are advised to get the appointment. This will help you to avoid the unnecessary hassle involved to get the treatment in the dentistry.

Step 3: Whitening: Once the appointment is completed and your whitening process gets started, you need to sit in the chair comfortably. The concerned dentist will begin the process by inserting a lip retractor into your mouth. This lip retractor is just a plastic guide that helps to access the teeth, and you can move your lips out of the way. They will then cover your gums surrounded by your front teeth with a gel. The gel is then made harder with the help of high-powered light making the gingival barrier for the gums. This barrier helps the gums to protect from bleaching chemicals used during the whitening process. It also helps in preventing tooth sensitivity. The gel is made with 20-40% of hydrogen peroxide and thus very helpful in penetrating the outer layer of the teeth. The application of the high-powered light depends on the whitening system that is being used. Most of the system involves multiple applications of a fresh coat of gel by rinsing off the earlier one. It takes 40-50 min to complete the whole process, and once it gets completed, you can achieve approx. 6 shades of whitening.

Step 4: After Process: Once the whitening process completed we will suggest you some measures such as brushing, cleaning, etc. with the help of which you can maintain your whiteness of the tooth without any worry. We will also prescribe you some toothpaste and other necessary products for the better-taken care of your teeth.

The Ideal Time and Person for The Tooth Whitening Process

Although there is no prescribed time to get the whitening process, yet if you see over discoloration of the teeth and feel uncomfortable to go with it, you can opt for the process. Moreover, if your teeth stained on the surface because of any of the reasons mentioned above, you need to get the process before having more problems in your teeth.

Above the age of 15, anyone can take the process. This is because you need to get the process only after getting the permanent teeth and your baby teeth are decayed completely. You also need to get regular checkups to confirm your teeth are okay or not.

Important Things to Consider

There are certain things to consider while opting for teeth whitening. Some of them are mentioned as under:

  • You need to ask your concerned dentist whether you need to whiten the teeth or not and also to undergo relative checkups.
  • You need to get proper follow-ups if you feel tooth sensitivity or irritation on your gums.
  • You also need to ask (if not done) to your dentist for the necessary recommendation to avoid risks with the teeth.

Now all your queries might be cleared through the discussion. If you want to undergo teeth whitening process in Miami, you can visit our premises. Our professionals will deliver in the best way of your requirement.

Life is very short-smile until you have beautiful and healthy teeth by keeping it whiter.

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